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Our rich experience in export and production of silk fabrics and products guarantees that we can offer our products of good quality and of good prices to our customers from all over the world......
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1).Silk Fabrics
Silk Fabrics                      2. Wide Silk Fabrics
Dyed Silk Fabrics            4.Printed Silk Fabrics
   5.Silk Knit/Jersey Fabrics  6.
Silk Velvet/Satin Devore Fabrics
   7.Jacquard Fabrics            8.New Fabrics

2).Silk Yarns
1.Raw Silk Yarns           2.Doupion Silk Yarns

   3.Spun Silk Yarns          4.Tussah Silk Yarns
   5.Silk Noil Yarn

3).Silk Garments
   1.Woven Silk
Garments   2.Silk Knit/Jersey Garments

4).Silk Beddings
Silk Beddings                2.Silk  Cushions
Silk Curtains                  4.Other Beddings

5).Silk Scarves
Dyed Silk  Scarves       2.Printed Silk Scarves

6).Silk Ties
   1.Printed Silk Ties            2.Yarn Dyed Ties

7).Silk Items for painting (Color: White/Blank)
   1.Silk Scarves              2.Silk Ties                     3.Silk Suncatchers
   4.Silk Cords                  
5.Silk Glass cases       6.Silk Cushions
7.Silk Lavendar Bags   8.Silk Folding Fans       9.Silk Garments
10.Other Products